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Support :: Installation

Although DM2 doesn't support automatic installation, it is very easy to install it manually. Here are the installation steps.

Installing DM2

  1. Unzip distribution archive to some folder reserved for the DM2 and run dm2.exe. DM2 icon appears in tray.
  2. Double click DM2 tray icon and select Advance settings.
  3. Choose your language.
  4. Check 'Auto-run at startup for...' option for enabling auto-start of DM2.
  5. Enjoy:)
After the installation it is higly recommended to:
  • review default DM2 hotkeys in Advance and Hotkey settings,
  • review default DM2 Custom settings.
  • review active DM2 actions.
  • Removing DM2

    Removing DM2 may not be straightwards as it seems. Besides disabling the 'Auto-run at startup for...' option in Advance settings dialog, user should close the DM2 and delete its folder.

    Deleting DM2 folder is what may be a problem. First you must to be sure that DM2 is not active in the memory. Still, even when DM2 is not running, it may happens that it's DLL can not be deleted. Do not panic, it is a common Windows feature: DM2 'hooks' into the system, so Windows loads it's DLL into all active processes. After the termination of the main DM2 program, Windows may still have it's DLL loaded somewhere. Sometimes it is enough just to wait a bit. If you are in hurry, you can simply restart your computer and then delete the DM2 folder.

    Unlocker is an excellent free utility that can help with deleting files that are locked by Windows, whcat may happens when removing DM2.

    Upgrading DM2

    When upgrading, similar problem may occurs as with removing: after closing the DM2, Windows can not overwrite a new version of DM2 DLL file. The reason is the same, but in this case there is another way how to solve this problem. Just rename the old DLL file (that can not be deleted) and simply copy new DLL at it's previous position. New version of DM2 will work correctly with the new DLL, and after the first reboot, you will be able to delete renamed old DLL file.

    Also please note that new DM2 version might have different structure of settings file, and therefore it might happens that some settings will be lost after the upgrade.

    The same thing applies to language files: new versions of DM2 will usually come with more functionality, therefore not all language files will be updated. This may result showing strange text in DM2 interface!

    VERY IMPORTANT: Before upgrading DM2, save and backup your settings (file: dm2.ini)!

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