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v1.23.1 [2007-03-05]
- fix new hotkey patch bug. (register hot key error, example: shift+up)
- correct a compiler warning.

v1.23 [2007-03-05]
+ two patch. (thx
+ hotkey can use windows key
+ ShBrowseForDialog patch
- fix some cd control plugin bug
- fix a volume control plugin bug

v1.22 [2006-09-15]
- fixed autorun bug.
+ some more languages added and updated.
+ added a simple plugin "CloseMonitor", that can fast close you main monitor.
+ added a simple plugin "EasyGamma"
+ "VirtualDesktop" plugin updated to 0.03, now you can use the param change to specified virtual desktop, param 1-8 can change to virtual desktop 1-8.
+ added SVN repository

v1.21 [2006-04-05]
- fixed CPU 100% bug on new CPUs with NX protection
+ more languages added

v1.20 [2005-09-20]
+ some action command added (Window to bottom, Window Resize, Window Align).
+ some new plugin added (Roll Up/UnRoll Window, VolumeControl etc. you can download it from:
! favorites menu treeview interface improve.
! some code optimize.
- fixed more memory leaks! (recommend user updata to 1.2x or later)
- fixed some minor bugs.
+ all strings removed from the program.
- fixed minor resize menu bug

v1.20 beta2[2005-09-02]
+ Simple Environment macros for favorites (for example: %windir%\Fonts)
! make favorites menu treeview can drag and drop
- fixed minor bug.

v1.20 beta1[2005-08-31]
+ can custom the dm2 action when right/middle click the min/max/close button.
+ add menu can set process priority from sysmenu.
+ add recent menu to favorites menu.
+ TreeView in 'Favorites' dialog
! make plugins support the action, we can write the action plugins now.
! some minor changed.
- remove something.
- fixed more bug!

v1.18 [2005-05-10]
! fixed a bug about favorites menu

v1.17 [2005-04-18]
+ add float icon moving style like winamp style (old style can't moving float icon out the screen top)
! some minor change
- fixed a bug, about autorun.

v1.16 [2005-04-15]
! updata the plugins definition file to 1.02. (because want process param at dm2 and only post argv&argc to plugins, to make the plugins develope more easy.)
! some minor change.
v1.15 [2005-04-12]
+ make hotkey param support.
+ make plugins uninstall enable.
+ make context menu for some edit window.
! lower memory usage (2000/xp/2003 only.)
! some change for plugins (dm2plugins.h file change).
! other change.
- fixed three bug about hotkey.
- fixed a bug about plugins.
- fixed some other bug.

v1.13 [2005-04-05]
! change the image library (support jpeg/gif etc.)
! minor performance improved.
! some change.
- fixed a bug.

v1.12 [2005-04-02]
! some minor changes and face-lifting before going public

+ new dm2 logo.
! some change for ScreenShoot function.
! some change for favorites menu item add.
- fixed minor bug

+ plugins support (anybody can write dm2 plugins use dm2plugins.h)
+ full internationalization support.
+ can setting float window size.
+ make win9x/me compatibility (window opacity setting function invalidation and other change)
! some change for plugins support.
! other small change.
- fixed bug when favorites menu too larger. because i use "wsprintf" and use buffers larger than 1024 bytes! now use "_snprintf".
- fixed other small bug

+ init version


+ Added feature ! Improved/changed feature - Bug fixed

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