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Support :: TO-DO list

This page contains some future DM2's enhancements, that are planned to be developed next or that are important. Please note that this list is not complete; it contains only a subset of all ideas we do have and which users have submitted meanwhile. Also, the list is not fixed, and it is not ordered in any way. More ideas may be found bellow the to-do list.

TIME-LACK ALERT! The whole DM2 team would be more than happy if it could continuously enhance and improve the program. At the end, coding is such a fun:) However, the real life takes it's toll, so even we sleep like 6 hrs/day we are not having much time for DM2 development. So, dear user, please be patient and consider our work. Thank you!

New windows manager

This will be a very, very nice feature;) There would be an menu item and a shortcut for poping the Windows manager. It will pop above the clock (for example) and will contain list of all windows that are managed by DM2 (as now). 2 columns are planned: the first is with program icon and name and the second is the icon that represents window state. When activated, user would be able to browse through list with arrow keys and to restore selected window by pressing ENTER key, what will optionally, close the windows manager.
value: high   complexity: medium

Screenshots as icons

Instead of program icon, it's screen shot will be used (just for floating icons).
value: low   complexity: medium

Facelift of the application and site :)

Add icons for settings menu, add more description on site, validate English etc.
value: medium   complexity: low

Some speedup

Some things can be speeded up, especially reading/writing settings (ini files).
value: medium   complexity: medium

More ideas

  • storing floating icon positions. when 2 or more same windows are minimized, it puts icons next to the previous one (to prevent overlapping)
  • monitor if target window is still minimized
  • snap floating icons to desktop edge and to each other
  • make open-save dialog size bigger then Windows default
  • monitor change of target windows content and notify user if change occurs (i.e. by flashing floating or tray icone)
  • custom icons
  • selective maximize: just width/height
  • add window name on floating icon
  • remember floating icon settings (position, color, opacity...) during the session
  • resize with CTRL will resize window in 10px steps + tooltips on resize.
  • add favorite menu to explorer
  • 'Add this folder' for easier saving folders
  • more to come...

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